The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Survival Guide

The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Survival Guide


There’s always excitement for any trip, even more so during the winter.  But there’s a safe way to do things and a wrong way to do things.  Considering your probably traveling with your RV or motorhome, you’ll want to be sure you have a good warranty on your motorhome.

Once you have the warranty in place, now it’s time for the fun assessment.

Seeing the white sheets of snow wherever you look, making snow angels or ice skating around the rink, staying in the cabin in front of the fireplace when temperatures drop low with some hot chocolate, and more. What a winter wonderland at its finest, right? But heading to your destination may not be the easiest task. And if you plan to explore areas that are covered with excessive snow and ice, it’ll always be helpful to become extra prepared. It is always a risk every time long hours of driving are involved, but people should be warier that road tripping in the winter can be extra dangerous. We’re here to list some tips to make your winter road trip safer by alleviating the possible hazards.

Before the Trip

Be updated

Look out for the weather reports and road closures. Wherever you’ll be going, it is important to know how heavy the storms might be and the routes you can take if there are road closures. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere then suddenly be greeted by a pass being closed. Thankfully, technology will be your best friend if this happens, as it generally keeps routes updated for hazards. But you can’t simply rely on this to save you, so do your research beforehand to avoid wasting precious time and gasoline.


Give your car its checkup

This is essential, especially for long hours of driving in the cold. Have your vehicle inspected by a professional, or someone who knows what they’re doing. One of the most important checkups involves the tires. Making sure that they are in good condition is vital, or your vehicle could slide all over the icy road. Be sure to have the appropriate tires and equipment for the weather.


Practice some Winter Driving Techniques

You could be the best driver out there, but it can be twice as difficult to drive in snowy and wintery conditions. Pro-tip: Drive smoothly and try to leave plenty of space between you and the car ahead just in case you skid while braking. Searching up on the full range of techniques and practicing them will really be beneficial if you encounter poor driving conditions.


What to Pack

You might have already planned to pack all the stuff you’d be using for your trip, so reserve some space in your trunk for some additional gear for winter road tripping. You may have already done your fair share of clearing the snow just to get your car from your driveway. This is a difficult job in itself, so having at least a durable shovel and some grit with you to help you move your vehicle will be essential. Aside from these, be extra prepared for the winter cold.


Emergency Kits

Nobody likes to think of accidents happening when you’re on the way to have fun in winter wonderland. Knowing how unpredictable the road can be, even more so when the temperatures drop, and being prepared for any emergency that could happen is essential. Having basic first aid equipment in handy, extra rations of food and drink, and emergency blankets can be incredibly helpful if things can take a turn for the worse (knock on wood).


On the Road

Avoid Traveling during Rush Hour

If you’ve been stuck for hours inside your car, in the winter cold, then you may know that it’s not somewhere you’d want to be. Vehicles jammed so close together makes accidents more likely to happen. Aside from being safer, it is much more enjoyable to drive when roads are quieter and less frustrating without traffic jams.


Know your Numbers

Having emergency recovery numbers just one call away can be most helpful. Even in the poorest weather conditions, you can reach them for emergency services. Be sure to have them both in your phone and written down somewhere safe.


Give Yourself Extra Time

Most people over-estimate the miles they can cover comfortably during the trip, and that is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for stops when needed, be it when you get extra tired or sleepy from the drive, or your car may act up. Just don’t assume that you can travel at the same pace you normally would on summer highways.


As long as you follow these tips and stay extra mindful of your safety, you should be on your way to a fun and frosty trip.



The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Survival Guide

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